Agile, customer-centric companies have disrupted traditional markets with their friction-less digital products, services and experiences. They provide customers with effortless access to their products and services, providing more value to customers and resetting consumer expectations on what a good product, service or experience looks like.

All companies across industries are being faced with the need to match or exceed those expectations and felt the pressure to undergo big, company-wide Customer Experience transformation projects.

Deliver Pixel-Perfect Omnichannel Applications Across Your Customer Journeys

OutSystems is a modern application platform that empowers companies to create omnichannel applications up to 10x faster than with traditional development methods. Breakaway from pre-built software that keeps innovation at bay and deliver business results fast. Create perfect-fit experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations and allow you to compete head-to-head with CX leaders.

With OutSystems, you can successfully:

  • Transform Fast, Evolve Even Faster
  • Find the Right Touchpoint for the Right Job
  • Design Pixel-perfect UX/UI With No Limits
  • Develop smooth Omnichannel Customer Journeys
  • Get full Support for Enterprise-Grade CX
  • Future-proof Your Customer Journeys

In this exclusive Roundtable Discussion, OutSystems and Trescon bring you thought leaders to share and discuss:

  • What are the different critical priorities in building an Omnichannel CX,
  • Challenges in unifying the customer and partner experiences across multi-channels & touchpoints.
  • How to possibly overcome them with speed and agility.

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Miguel Almeida

Senior Director, Customer Success APAC


Miguel is an evangelist and advocate of Customer-First mindset, and has been building expertise in various roles with a common perspective through the lens of a customer. He has over 15 years of experience ranging from software engineering & design, operations management to customer engagement, driving digital transformation and harnessing the power of technology to achieve business goals.

Miguel joined the Singapore APAC office from Portugal, and is currently leading the Customer Success team for the last 4 years, acting as a trusted advisor for our customers, successfully helping each to realize their unique & full value of OutSystems.

Marcelony Kumalasari

Country Manager, Indonesia


Marcelony is a high-performing sales professional in the IT industry who also has deep experience in various roles of marketing, channels, and finance. Being an effective leader, she has led cross-functional teams in solutions and account planning, and end-to-end sales process.

Her success is also attributed to her ability to establish professional relationships with key personnel and customers. This is clearly displayed in her current leadership with OutSystems, as she leads the team to grow the Indonesian market with her deep understanding of customer's business environment, and proactively assessing, clarifying and validating customer needs on an ongoing basis.

About OutSystems

OutSystems was founded in Portugal in 2001 with the mission to give every organization the power to innovate through software. The OutSystems application platform’s high productivity, connected, and AI assisted tools help developers rapidly build and deploy a full range of applications anywhere the organization requires. With more than 350,000 community members, 1,200 employees, 300 partners, and thousands of active customers in over 60 countries and across 22 industries, OutSystems has achieved tremendous global scale while helping organizations change the way they develop applications. Visit us at or follow us on Twitter @OutSystems or LinkedIn at @OutSystems.