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  • 12 APRIL 2019
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Leaders Awards

C-level Executives from different industry verticals with minimum 20 years of experience, are eligible for the leader’s award. Nominees must submit projects completed in the last 5 years in relation to the current employing company.

Innovators Awards

C-Level Executives, Business Heads, Directors, IT Heads, VPs and Senior Level Executives are eligible for the innovator’s award. Nominees must submit projects completed in the last 12 months in relation to the current employing company.


Great minds of today pave the way for a smarter tomorrow. In the age of innovation and disruption, the power of technology has a massive impact in every facet of life and in our goal to achieve perfection, we nominate the best in our business to lead these efforts.

It is time we raise a toast to those innovators whose hard work and creatively have led to the success of companies.

The Big CIO show celebrates and honors the efforts of these courageous individuals for the work they have done in their respective fields for it is them who will define our future.


Based on the nominations for Big CIO Awards received, 50 winners in each category will be selected by the jury

Key parameters to judge the top 50 in each category includes

  • Why the project was executed?
  • What is the need of solution in business process?
  • What is the innovation?
  • What is the impact of project in the market?

All parameters mentioned in the nomination form are considered to rate each nominee on a scale of 1 – 4.

All scores will be kept confidential. They will not be released publicly, nor will they be discussed with any individual applicants.