Known as India’s most elite gathering of tech decision makers, 9th Edition Big CIO Show & Awards will acknowledge & award India’s leading CIOs & Sr IT Decision Makers for their immense contribution towards tech realm and India as a whole.

This is our honest effort to ensure that while you burn your midnight oil to transform businesses, you yield personal rewards as well.

The mission of the Big CIO Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of the organizations that have set an example within their sector on how emerging technologies create value, creatively solve problems and most pertinent challenges within their organization.

CALLING ‘CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE’ FOR THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES 100 CIOs from 100 organizations to be recognized and awarded


Top 30 Projects


Top 20 visionaries


Top 50 CIOs


2 CIOs


Top 25 Projects to be awarded

In its 9th year, the show will honor top 25 stand out projects from 2019/20 where the implementation of leading-edge IT technologies/services have been a disruption, and an example for the rest to follow.

Winners will be evaluated based on the measurable innovation, implementation and impact the project has created on their business.


Top 50 CIOs to be awarded

‘Transformative CIOs’ are the business leaders who have implemented innovative and transformative processes to enable greater collaboration, customer engagement, operational efficiencies, all under a tight budget.

50 CIOs from India will be evaluated based on their vision, transformative effect on the business, relevance in terms of current trends and stability.


Top 10 visionaries to be honored

‘Tech Visionaries’ are the ones whose performance over the years is consistent, unmatched and always full of innovative ideas that lead to technological advancements. These CIOs are the flag-bearers of India’s CIO fraternity and it’s time to celebrate their efforts.

A total of 10 CIOs will be awarded for lifetime achievements and exceptional contribution to IT sector in India. This is your moment to tell the world about your accomplishments and add a feather in your cap.

No nomination is required for this category. Steering Committee and Awards Jury will jointly take a decision on this category.


5 CIOs to be awarded

This award will be contested among all ‘Best Project Award’ and ‘Transformative CIO Award’ nominees once the nomination for these categories rest on the Jury table. This will be an online voting where poll results will be shared with nominees real-time.


With over XX years of combined experience in managing IT firms and equipped with leadership qualities and technical expertise, the Jury Members for Awards have been a unanimous decision and a 5-way tie.

Bharat Ananad

Chief of Technology,

National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

Dr Ganesh Natarajan

Chairman – 5F World,

Global Talent Track, Pune City Connect, and SVP India; Founder – Center for AI and Advanced Analytics, Kalzoom Advisors, and NES

Dr Paritosh Basu

Senior Professor,

School of Business Management, NMIMS University; Ex CFO, Reliance Communications


Ex-Global CIO,

Wockhardt Group


Ex-Group CIO,

TVS Motors


  1. Fill primary details to download nomination form
  2. Submit all details as mentioned in the form
  3. Upload the form on
  4. Take the back seat while our jury team evaluates your submission


Submissions opens on

1st March 2020

Submissions closes on

19th April 2020

Popular Choice voting opens on

20th April

Popular Choice voting closes on

26th May 2020

Shortlisting of nominations

19th May 2020

Notifying award winners

20th May 2020

Award Ceremony

26th May 2020


  • The participant will have to fill the category specific nomination form. The nominations received in each category will be reviewed against the defined eligibility criteria based on which qualified nominations will be identified.
  • Jury experts will score the participants on pre-defined parameters and rank the participants for each category.
  • If you’re one of the winners, you will be contact via email and a phone call at least 7 days prior to the event date, so that you make yourself available to attend the event on 26th May 2020 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. This is not applicable to Popular Choice Award winners, since the voting ends on the event date.
  • All awards will be presented at the Big CIO Show and Awards on 26th May 2020 at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai. Award nominees will need to register to attend separately. To confirm your seat at the event, fill this delegate registration form
  • Based on the nominations received for Big CIO Show & Awards, winners in each category will be selected by the jury as per the selection criteria mentioned in the form.
  • Participants can only nominate for either of ‘Best Project Award’ or ‘Transformative CIO Award’ categories. Duplicate nominations on both categories will be cancelled and Trescon will not be liable to inform the participant.
  • All scores will be kept confidential. They will not be released publicly, nor will they be discussed with any individual applicants.
  • The award nominations are open to Vendors only if they nominate CIOs or Sr IT Manager within their organization.
  • The final deadline to submit a award nomination is Friday, 24 April, 2020. Nominations must be submitted online. Winners will be notified via email & a phone call on/before Wednesday, 20th May 2020.
  • Participants can only register via a business email address. Any entry done through a personal/private email address will not be accounted.
  • Trescon reserves the right to modify the dates and or venue of the event and to communicate such changes to all the registered participants in the shortest possible timeframe. Such modifications shall not be considered as a cancellation and shall not entitle any refund.
  • Trescon may only use an individual delegate’s personal information for the purpose of sending to the individual delegate details of its services or those offered its marketing partners or members of its group.
  • Trescon is granted the right to use, for promotional purposes, any material recorded at the Event, whether in photographic, audio or audiovisual format, without time limitation and in any format. The attendees hereby give up any privacy rights they might have due to their presence at the Event.