About Us

Encyclia Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. (EPPL) is a pharmaceutical company with a registered office in India’s capital, Delhi.

Since its inception on 5th November 2012, EPPL manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products in India. Ever since then, the company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and promoting Branded Generic pharmaceutical products. We have a vision expand in India by opening plants in various states of the country, and by doing so – be the market leader in India in Pharmaceutical Sector.

Our Values


Our commitment to business ethics, fairness, honesty and transparency is equally important to us, as is to achieving business success. At the end of each day, we want to be proud not only for the goals we have achieved, but also for the way we have achieved them.


We believe we can make a difference only by thinking beyond the obvious. Prior to every action we take, we always consider new paths, so as to bring true value to the healthcare community, to patients and their families.

Commitment to Excellence

We always aim high and demand the best from ourselves and our partners. Success does not make us complacent. For everything we do, we always question ourselves whether there is a better way to do it; and if there is, we follow it.

Respect for human life

We are guided by our commitment to serve human life. To provide the medical community and patients with the most advanced therapies. To provide our employees with the recognition, job security and career prospects that each one deserves. To give back to society, so as to improve the life of those who need it the most.

Our Leadership Team

Mr. Atish Kumar

Director, EPPL

Mr. Atish Kumar is a Commerce graduate. He joined family business where he undertook responsibilities ranging from Operations, Sales and Finance of Departmental Store in District Meerut. Along with this, he started Tours & Travel Business in Greater Noida where he was Franchisee owner of Cox & Kings. After successfully running these businesses, in 2017, he ventured into Financial Sector with his outstanding ability to work in team by forming a Company called Dhairya Laxmi Nidhi Limited, under Indian Companies Act 2013 Meerut District.

He helped lot of people in rural and urban areas by making them understand the methods of saving and starting small businesses at the family and Self-Help Group level. Atish had realised long back that women are the agents of change and if proper support is extended to these women, they could bring out a sea change in their family life by uplifting them out of the shackles of the poverty.

In Dhairya Laxmi Nidhi Ltd, Atish used his experience of running the Departmental Store and undertook diverse operations and learned functions similar to Banking operations. He helped a lot of Self-Help groups and jobless men and women to run their Small businesses and alleviated them from the shackles of poverty.

He then underwent trainings ranging from Micro finance towards Self Help Group, Rural Development, Agriculture credit, etc. He has developed an extra ordinary quality of interacting with destitute and underprivileged and making them understand the causes of their current conditions and ways to improve their conditions by taking a cognizant decision. He along with his younger brother Dr. Adesh Kumar has ventured into pharmaceutical sector to serve people by working on making quality generic medicines more affordable, accessible and equitable.

Dr. Adesh Kumar

Director, EPPL

Dr. Adesh has an extra ordinary academic background where he competed and got selected to a Reputed Medical College Himalayan Institute of Medical Science, Joly Grant, Dehradun, where he studied different courses related to Medical field and Completed his MBBS.

Thereafter he worked in a District Hospital Saharanpur where he treated different kind of patients and it was here, where he understood the Importance of Genuine Generic Drugs and Studied the different aspects of Healthcare and Role of Medicines and Drugs in it.

He got surprised by his findings that India even being the largest producer and exporter of Generic Medicines had shortage of these Medicines at the receiving end, also he got surprised by the Margins taken by Intermediaries like C&F Agents, Wholesale Distributors, etc.

Thereafter to work for the poor and large section of people at grass root level he planned to work in the Pharmaceuticals field where Manufacturing & Distributing the high-Quality Drugs at affordable prices could be made possible.

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