Building a strong data foundation on your path to become an insights-driven organisation

A Deloitte's insights report* showed that the biggest stumbling block to data modernization – the act of moving legacy data warehouses to modern data warehouses to store unstructured data such as customer voice audio, social media comments, are budget/cost concerns (55%), a lack of understanding of technology (44%), lack of consensus among decision-makers (41%) and the absence of clarity on success metrics (40%).

In a volatile, uncertain and complex world, organisations are beginning to recognise that generating valuable data-driven insights is now critical to inform decision making. The business motivations that can inspire a new approach to data, include an increased emphasis on understanding and predicting business trends through analytics, a desire for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in key knowl­edge-based processes, the need to analyse stream data, or increased security and privacy concerns. In many cases, these goals simply can’t be accomplished without data modernisation. Finding the right tools and platform to aid your companies’ roadmap will be critical to organisations seeking to transform growing volume of data into measurable business value.

Join experts from Google Cloud and Deloitte as we discuss and share:

  • Market Insights from Deloitte’s data modernisation and cloud report
  • Common data challenges and how organisations can build insight delivery into everything from workflows and system integration to other core business processes
  • Learnings from clients’ success on how they have embedded analytics, data, and reasoning into their decision making process to become an agile, insight-driven organisation

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Who Should Attend?

Industry Sectors:

  • FSI
  • Retail

Job Title:

  • CIOs
  • CDOs
  • CAOs
  • Head of Tech Departments


Chris Lewin

Analytics & Cognitive Southeast Asia Lead, Deloitte Consulting

Chris leads Deloitte’s Analytics & Cognitive practice across Southeast Asia – focusing on bringing data, analytics and Automation solutions to clients. Having been a Deloitte practitioner for over 12 years, Chris has broad experience across Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance and Energy & Resources sectors.

Many of his projects involve embedding Big Data platforms into clients’ value chains, e2e Automation of a wide range of processes and functions, and using advanced analytics to inform business decisions. Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and in Arts.

Jay Jenkins

Tech Strategist and Evangelist, APAC, Google Cloud

As the Tech Strategist and Evangelist for Google Cloud business in APAC, Jay helps organisations solve their biggest problems by modernising their technologies and helping them build and lead innovative teams.

While Jay has deep skills in distributed computing, data management, analytics, and machine learning, he and his team re-architects legacy technology and operations and co-creates the future.

Leonard Jayamohan

Director Analytics & Cognitive, SEA Deloitte Consulting

Leonard has more than 25 years of experience in services, pre-sales, sales, industry SME and global accounts management. He has helped tech companies established a strong growth trajectory in Asia Pacific by delivering double-digit growth and opening up new markets.