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What makes Neematic special

One of a kind all-terrain performance machine

  • 80 Km/h
    top speed
  • 15 kw
  • 52 kg
  • 100 Km


Neematic is built on unique frame design — lightweight yet most durable. The top quality tubular frame is built to be robust and maintain a clean and minimal look.

The mid-drive motor is placed at swing arm pivot point and delivers top suspension performance as well as low center of gravity.

of gravity


With mid-drive motor concept Neematic minimizes wheel sprung mass which gives excellent off-road performance at any speed.

A permanent-magnet brushless outrunner motor delivers Neematic 15 kW max power, an unmatched capacity.

Twist throttle mode
Pedal Assist mode

Bike carries fully adjustable regenerative braking to generate up to 10% of battery capacity


Neematic runs on the latest tech Lithium-ion 2.2 kWh battery pack. It delivers up to 100 km range and enables the motor for maximum torque.

Battery is quickly removable and charges fully in 2.5 hours using a standard socket

2.2 kWh battery
100 km max
2.5 h charging
15 kw peak

Top notch components

Neematic integrates Pinion P1.9 XR transmission with 9 real gears for pedaling. This complements Neematic with bike-feel and prolongs your joy.

Neematic FR/1 is equiped with Fox 40 fork with 203 mm travel.

Braking is further enhanced by Hope Tech 3 V4, hard hitting downhill brakes.

Rear shock is award winning Fox with adjustable compression and rebound.

neematic journey


Bicycle enthusiast and architect by training, Linas starts exploring electric vehicle world by building first conversion bikes. Excited about the driving experience and design opportunities, he becomes one of the first in Lithuania to promote electric vehicles.


Domas returns from the UK and opens his motorsport suspension service. He continues to work with motorsport teams — including Dakar rally and Audi Sport TT Cup.

Fall 2014

Domas and Linas meet for the first time. They discuss how powerful electric bike should be engineered for off-road use — both want to reduce unsprung mass by bringing the motor into the frame. Excited about this concept, they start working on soon-to-be Neematic during the weekends.

July 2015

Linas and Domas are joined by Justinas, business developer with Invest Lithuanian and believer in electric vehicles.

July 2016

Neematic Freeride, fully functional prototype is built and displayed at Intermot 2016.

Meet the team

From e-bike and
enthusiasts to you


We launched NEEMATIC to deliver superior off-road excitement with electric drive.

We are creating a new segment combining the lightness of a bike and performance of an motorcycle. Our aim is to provide benchmark products using the latest technologies possible.

More on our vision at Neematic blog

Advisory board


80 km/h max speed
52 kg curb weight
Up to 100 km range
15 kW max power
Twist throttle and pedal assist modes
9 speed Pinion gearbox for pedaling
2.2 kWh capacity
Li-ion cells
Easy to remove and replace
Tubular frame
Fox shocks
203 mm front travel
200 mm rear travel
Hope tech3 v4
203mm rotor diameter
Adjustable regenerative braking
26" front wheel
24" rear wheel
Adjustable bicycle seat
LCD display