As we move further into the digital age, financial institutions are prioritizing their efforts to modernize their operations. This is due to a few challenges they face, such as the need for more personalized customer experiences, and compliance requirements, agent retention and ramp time, and a drop in sales due to low customer acquisition. To overcome these obstacles, many institutions are turning to AI and automation technologies. By automating processes, financial institutions can save money, improve efficiency, and streamline workflows. Additionally, data-driven insights derived from AI algorithms can help organizations track business productivity, identify trends, and make informed decisions. These powerful tools are helping financial institutions navigate the digital landscape, while still delivering top-notch experiences for their customers, and ensuring operational excellence and compliance.

A leading financial institution recently reduced its average handle time (AHT) by 11%, reduced agent training time by 25%, and also reduced its hold time by a whopping 30% with the Uniphore platform.


Time Activity
11:30AM - 11:35AM Uniphore & Speaker Introduction
11:35AM - 11:45AM Keynote and setting context by
Mr. Krishnan Parameswaran - VP Sales (Moderator)
11:45AM - 12:20PM Panel Discussion
12:20PM - 12:30PM QnA with Attendees



Krishnan Parameswaran

Vice President at Uniphore,

SEA Region